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  • @ Custorm
    9000 G RoI Gold
    Wow GREAT service not gonna lie first time using and was nervous about using this site but the staff is friendly and reply quick got my fire cape in 2 hours less than i espected awesome site will use for next purchase Jul/27/2017 20:32:39
  • @ Custorm
    800 G RoI Gold
    I love you guys i bought 100m off you guys and you guys responeded faster then lighting and brought it to me. Only thing im not very sure of is that you guys said that you are having a 50m bonus for the runescape promotion that i did not get but other then that i got my 100m and im happyer then i've ever been in runescape i will be buying from you guys tomarrow thanks :). Jul/27/2017 19:08:38
  • @ John
    1000 G RoI Gold
    Decent service Jul/27/2017 18:19:18
  • @ Custorm
    200 G RoI Gold
    Paid for WOW Powerleveling service, they got it done on time without any problem, BEST SERVIRE EVER!!! Jul/26/2017 16:58:15
  • @ Christopher
    700 G RoI Gold
    Fast and Easy Jul/26/2017 02:47:22
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  • Nothing else needs to be said. Quick. Easy to work with and very helpful on their online chat!
    Mar/30/2017 @ Always on chat till the end of the transaction!
  • Outstanding customer relations fast and painless
    Mar/28/2017 @ Very Fast And formal
  • Live Chat service rep walked me through the process and delivered the items as we spoke. They are a bit more expensive than competitors, but I still think the one-on-one service makes them the best option to use.
    Mar/26/2017 @ One on One Service
  • Fast delivery,Easy,Secure,No hassle.Got what I wanted in seconds.
    Mar/23/2017 @ Best Website
  • I've never bought anything like this before and was pretty worried. But they are the real deal. I've now used them many many times and what can I say? They deliver with no trouble! What more do you need?
    Mar/23/2017 @ Trust them - they are the real deal
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