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FF14GilHub in 2015 and has earned a solid reputation for smooth and safe deliveries. When tested was fast with each test I performed. Price is fair.


ms2store:Shadower adding a "Shadow Stretch Skill"

How it works is simple: You can only bind 1 enemy (including bosses), and if it successfully touches an enemy, it can splash chain to other enemies at half the original attack range, binding up to 7 more enemies


4.9 out of 5 (from 1995 gamers' ratings)

Lastest Complate Orders

  • @ ben
    5000 M MS Mesos
    my last order was a long time ago, but i just wanna say this site is SO amazing, i would highly suggest this site to ANYONE. it took them 10 days to get 60m... INSAIN!!! and the customer support is so nice and speaks english too!!! great site Apr/19/2019 14:47:41
  • @ Catwomen
    10000 M MS Mesos
    Pretty decent Apr/19/2019 09:43:52
  • @ Andy
    15000 M MS Mesos
    Best service and delivery. Apr/18/2019 21:17:09
  • @ Brad
    2500 M MS Mesos
    They are late with my mesos then they subtract Mesos because economy changed, but i boughgt the meso befor ethe change. I DONT RECOMMEND THIS SITE fOR MESO BUYING Apr/18/2019 03:32:29
  • @ Devin
    5500 M MS Mesos
    The best website ever! Works great, you have to wait alittle but it is definitely worth the money! I even got more than I ordered. Thanks Website! Apr/18/2019 02:41:30
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Ms2store FeedBack

  • Really easy to buy mesos from, love these guys
    Jun/29/2018 @ JuTyree
  • they have never let me down, Fast delivery, usually within 5-7 min after purchase, I will continue to use this website =).
    Jun/29/2018 @ BxKraig
  • Nothing else needs to be said. Quick. Easy to work with and very helpful on their online chat!
    Mar/30/2017 @ Always on chat till the end of the transaction!
  • Outstanding customer relations fast and painless
    Mar/28/2017 @ Very Fast And formal
  • Live Chat service rep walked me through the process and delivered the items as we spoke. They are a bit more expensive than competitors, but I still think the one-on-one service makes them the best option to use.
    Mar/26/2017 @ One on One Service
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