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About the MapleStory Lucid's Jewelry Hack Event

Let me try and put this in a way everyone can understand.


Lucid's Jewelry, a store that sells fine gems, advertises about giving away some of their prized gems. They make the claim that whoever can purchase something from their store every day for three straight weeks will get a special jewel. Each jewel has the trademark "Lucid" etched onto it.


About the MapleStory Lucid's Jewelry Hack Event


Now, a week later, let's assume a man who works nearby the store walks into a thrift shop. He sees a jewel that very clearly has "Lucid" etched into it. He buys it from the shop, and a day later is promptly arrested for receiving stolen property.


There is no court IN THE WORLD that would give this man a "not guilty" verdict. It was blatantly obvious where and how the shop got this jewel. It doesn't matter how many times the man claims "he had no idea" about the jewel. The words were ETCHED ON THE JEWEL. He'd be guilty of receiving stolen property.


This is identical. It was blatantly obvious where and how the weapons were obtained. The Lucid patch was widely known, as was the boss. The weapons are very obviously from Lucid, who was not out long enough for these weapons to have been legitimately obtained.


Sad to say, the OP is guilty of receiving stolen property. That's the end of it. Case closed.

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