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Will MapleStory High-V boxes be deleted??

1st of all, yes, I read that they were being delted at midnight. Since hot "days" technically reset at midnight PST, I assumed that they meant midnight PST. Especially since that's much closer to maintenance time.


Instead, Im guessing my 450 V boxes disappeared because they set it to midnight GMT, with no actual indication of it being GMT in the description, or the news post, or the forum post. So I saved them to open them tonight because they would have filled my inventory with scrolls yesterday, but alas, nexon is too inept to run a line of code and delete the items during maintenance, instead they would rather put new boxes for a new patch in before the patch actually happens. Likewise with the Vth job quests, which are awkwardly available but non-functional for 12 hours before maintenance because again, nexon is lazy and incompetent.


I sent in a ticket, and If i don't get some compensation I'm out. I didnt grind all week and get hyped for 5th job just to have santa boxes get capped and my V boxes get deleted early. Usually I take break from maple because its a bad addiction and i'm having too much fun, but this time, you've ruined an entire event for the casual players you're trying to bring back. I'll be sure to verbally denounce your company to everyone I know who has any interest in playing a nexon game ever again. I don't consider games a waste of time when I enjoy myself and feel rewarded by the developers, but nexon actually wasted my time wth this terrible event. I wouldn't have played unless I thought those boxes would be rewarding, and I got no significant reward for playing all week. There might as well have been no event at all for me. Clearly nexon doesn't appreciate my patronage. Bye


Will MapleStory High-V boxes be deleted??


I always opened 30 a day. The reason I stocked up was because of meso sacks, potential scorlls, and gold stamps. I would have been out of use inventory in 10 minutes if I opened them all earlier, and without any inventory I can't pick up more boxes and continue enjoying the event.


THe event was set up in a a terrible way that obligated you to save boxes till the last day if you wanted the actual rare stuff.


The nodestones honestly don't even matter, since I'm not gonna bother with 5th job. They brought me back with events, and then thoroughly F'd me in the A. I just wanted a single taste of decent gear for once in my life, and that ring + all those potential srolls really would have helped me out. Without those, it's just boring, laggy maplestory with an underpowered f2p character. If they wanted to keep returning players, they should have let them enjoy the event properly and taste of a little bit of that power, motivate them to drop some NX by showing them how strong a good ring or some cubes can make you. THats all I wanted, anyways. I was really enjoying myself and planned to drop decent money on this game if the event actually paid out. But it didnt. And yeah, it's not that hard to include (UTC) in the item description. It's Global MS. Making everyone assume what timezone an item expires is just irresponsible.


Lets be real here. You are going to get new v boxes that came out today. You will get them even if you don't need them (with all these 2x drop events coming up). As for opening 500 at last minutes; you woudln't have gotten much. I think the good stuff in them are limited, as I opened about 1000 on the last day and got nothing. I even left 500 left unopened, knowingly let them expire because I was too lazy.

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