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Why Nexon Is Loosing MapleStory Players

Hey fellows, it's ms2store time now, today I want to talk about the issues in MapleStory, you know, I feel that I can always find bugs and issues in the game. Nexon is losing customers/players now, who is to blame?


TBH it not Nexon America's fault, I do understand you guys can not make big decision for GMS, but those bugs are something you should do to make player convenient.


Why Nexon Is Loosing MapleStory Players


Think about GMS just launched, how old are those players. Most of the players are from then, now its 2017, those players already have a job or they can not grind all day everyday. So you might consider to reduce the difficulty of the event, meanwhile that doesnt hurt player who wants to get maplestory 2 mesos as much as possible. Many of my friend who played MS back then they just simply dont have time for that long process to get those reward for both 5/8 and 4/10 schedule, they slowly lost interests of this game because of that.


Hacking is another thing I can talk today, those websites are out there for years and they still running. Nexon takes no reaction to them WHATSOEVER after they release those illegal programs for years that dmg the game/ indirectly steeling your money(Simply example, in game currency)


Regions. different countries with different people, Nexon is not flexible to make all maplestory mesos farming work so far. Something that works for Korean doesnt mean it will work for American. If Nexon America can develop its own play style that fit NA/EU players, MS still have big potentials to gain new players.


Since bonus stats are not our thing, and they works the same way, why rewards give us Pure CSS and not just normal, our version CSS.


Beside those topics there is another issue which is if you played marvel machine last week and you did not log into the game get your MVP points, you will never get them. EX: I redeemed my prepay card on website, did not log into the game to get my MVP points, play marvel machine, log back into the game, go to cash shop, no MVP points for me. (I really dont care those MVP points thats why I totally forgot the issue in the first place).


I understand Neo only operating the forum, but he could pass the message/ideas/complains to the department that could address the issue. Also, according Blizzard sued one of the hacking website, I believe Nexon's lawyer could do something.


As an old player, who has been playing MapleStory for more than 8 years, I really hope MapleStory will have a good future and to see how could Nexon bring us more surprise, I want to play this game with my grandchild.   

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