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Which Is More Fierce: % Damage Vs % Att

All players want to output maximum damage in MapleStory, then we need to think which will cause maximum damage, % Damage or % Att? We can easilly cause ton of % damage to start with, but atk% is very valuable in your whole damage.


They're both additive on top of themselves and multiplicative with each other. Without any of either, adding say, 12% attack is the about the same as adding 12% damage, though % damage is applied after % attack, and % attack is applied to your attack and rounded down, so % attack could be slightly worse.


Which Is More Fierce: % Damage Vs % Att


The reason % att is better is because it's much rarer. Many skills give a character % damage, including many passives, buffs, link, booster skills, and all the Reinforce hyper skills for attack, which just give % damage for that particular skill. You're less likely to have as large amounts of % attack as % damage, so the boost from adding % attack is much greater than adding the same amount of % damage (since potentials for both are generally the same value).


Additionally, % boss damage is the same as % damage, except that it only works on bosses, so they're additive together as well, so if you have quite a lot of boss damage, which is very possible considering boss damage potentials and set effects usually comes in 20%, 30%, 35%, and 40% flavors, on bosses, the impact a measly 12% or 13% damage at best would add is very small.


So the two biggest factors at play are the scarcity of % attack sources vs % damage sources, plus the large quantities of % boss damage available, which stack additively on top of % damage.


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