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What If Weapon/Magic Was Canceled in MapleStory

Hi guys, welcome to ms2store, how do you guys feel about the weapon/magic cancle in MapleStory, do you have the thought: "I don't have to deal with it, therefore there's no problem." ? Very few classes even have skills that can block/defend against cancel.


Weapon/Magic Cancel are basically products of the time, back when partying at bosses was a lot more common, and you would alternate between weapon and magic classes. The problem with these skills nowadays is that they don't provide an extra challenge or incentive to party, all they do is waste time. At least with Damage Reflect, you have to pay attention to what's going on (though in some cases it lasts longer than necessary). Weapon Cancel doesn't make you interact more with the boss, it just makes you stand in a safe spot and do something else until the buff ends. 


What If Weapon/Magic Was Canceled in MapleStory


You're looking at it superficially and saying "you just want to make bosses easier", when there are other ways Nexon could make the boss more challenging without a buff that just wastes time; different/new debuffs, reworks (see Chaos Zakum, which, while it does still have cancel, has become a lot more challenging than just sitting there and barraging it every 30 seconds), and revamped attacks that were given to us in Unleashed (like Cygnus).


There's a reason that newer bosses don't use these debuffs (except maybe reflection), and all of these bosses are challenging in their own ways that usually don't just end up wasting time and making players do something else while they wait for the weapon booster skills to end; in fact, most of these boss fights discourage that. Even OMNI-CLN has unique abilities that make the fight more interesting without resorting to cancel, such as shrinking you or the poison it launches at the ground. A buff that basically says "Hurdur now you do 1 damage for 30 seconds" isn't enticing or a real obstacle, it's a nuisance more than anything. Even easy Horntail doesn't use it until very low HP, and it only lasts for 10 seconds.


As for the reasons why some people may be rushing, possibly the use of 2x buffs, which lose a lot of time due to cancel, and trying to finish bosses before reset (due to inconsistent schedules or extended maintenance times). Also, keep in mind the way some of these bosses work; even if you do high damage, they will use the skill at a certain % of HP if not in the middle of another skill. Not everyone can 1 hit KO Pink Bean to counter this.


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