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What Do You Want to Get From Maple Royal Style Coupon

Please enjoy the happy time from ms2store, which shows that you guys are our big fans. So, how have you been recently? Have any ideas about the Maple Royal Style Coupon, which makes getting items easier, would you like to buy Maple Royal Style Coupon and look forward to some special items? 


For me, I would love to see NX sets in actual packages as well, even if you have to pay a little extra for the package. But, please make them available to all servers NOT just Reboot. The trend of making New packages Reboot exclusive in the past, has proven unpopular because it is unfair and makes absolutely no sense from a user stand point or market stand point.


What Do You Want to Get From Maple Royal Style Coupon


But, any who, in terms of the given topic, I am actually in support of the Maple Royal Style coupon because it makes getting mesos and items easier since you have less items to draw from. With a hundred items to draw from in the current premium surprise style box,.the odds of getting something you want is VERY low, since the box can repeat the same item multiple times. On the other hand the Maple style coupon would allow you to get certain items easier as the item pool it can draw from is much smaller..(think the Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online surprise boxes, for an example of what I am getting at).


Plus, users still can exchange the items for stamps or sell the undesired items on the market since the thing can still give you duplicates. Thus, making the prices on the items cheaper, (besides the "desirable" items whatever they maybe) because their are a lot less items for the box to draw on.


However, in order to address the current issue with the Maple Royal Style coupon, Nexon can simply just give us the items in each month's Royal Style Coupon without the stats,(they already have to get rid of the items stats for the items any who, when they put the sets in the Premium Surprise Style box, so it makes no difference if the sets are put in the form of a Surprise Style Coupon.) As for the chair that is a prize for collecting the set, simply put it in the Gachapon where the other chairs are placed, and give Reboot the option of a chair box, or buying the thing straight up.


In a word, I support the Maple Style Coupon, I think it would be better choice to the Surprise Style Box, which will bring MapleStory players more suprise items, looking back over the years in MapleStory, that would be a pleasant thing to me. 

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