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Well I Main Buccaneer Since They Released MapleStory 2

Well i main buccaneer since they released it and let me tell you they are not what they used to be... nexon changes made it 


slower less powerfull than a kid and removed everything that once made them a rather imposing sight


did you know that back then buccaneers had invincibility frames when using some skills


Well I Main Buccaneer Since They Released MapleStory 2


when you could actually transform into a being made of energy? or as others loved to say a "super sayan"


they instead of fixing or "balancing" it out the removed the transformation system instead 


yet who can take the blame korean devs or korean players uh? i wonder 6 years later they are going to "bring back" partially the old transform RE-name it 5th job and call it a day ....


as for the buccaneers blast

yes one of many super slow skills id sad the normal delay its not even 1 full second if you take lag into the game


in my dailys lets see {normal blast} takes 1.5 seconds per use of the skill to show its animation and attack itself


when you have full charge it takes 1.00 seconds, that its only if you have 2 speed boosters speed infusion and knuckle booster


if you use only one of them guess what, it doesnt matter really which one you use regardless of the description saying "it doubles the speed"


the speed its just 1.2, turns out it doesnt really boost by a lot the speed of every attack, if that was the case you would be doing it around 0.5 speed per blast the octopunch being 0.8 per hit without the charge, with the charge active i can only guess 0.4 lower but thats like i dunno bruce lee speed? lol 


also not every buccaneer skill gets the speed boost for example nautilus strike neither the hyper skill power unity or even the other buffs


too op to balance it without nerfing the damage... 


if you want to try a "similar" class because nexon doesnt care about buccaneers i ass

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