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The Changes in MapleStory Map

also, sorry in advance for bringing current maple into this...


all the way from v. 0.45, when they introduced monster cards into the game:


the best PQ's were LPQ (dimensional crack in ludi), LMPQ (ludi maze), and KPQ (first time together in kerning), then there was the meta we still use today, RnJ...


at the time i was in a guild that would run the two main bosses for the time, Lord Balrog, and Zakum, horntail i believe was around at the time, but we didn't have enough power at the time, so there were no carries for him.


The Changes in MapleStory Map


i used to hoard even the most simplest equips, being a new player, and i'd have anxiety attacks when trying to make space in my inventory... i was 11 at the time...


the EXP and Meso gains were rather forgettable, especially coming in pitiful amounts on normal maps that is was less profitable to be outside of a party quest...


the economics weren't as crazy as it is today, but it was still pretty steep pricing for most items, i was introduced to the free market by one of my guildmates at that time, and i even tried selling items myself, but unfortunately i couldn't find a spot where i could advertise my item and i couldn't buy a merch booth, eventually my guildmate decided to pay me half of the items worth and he would sell it for me, it was actually a good deal for both of us in the end since we both made a profit off of the item...


what i would like to see is the expansive maps that the game had once, wether they're hidden maps or regular, i just wan't them back, that is all...


anyways, here in v. 170:


the meta PQ's now are RnJ and DIPQ, they're still good for socializing as you grind away, nobody bothers with a lot of the other PQ's other than for nostalgia, myself included.


all of the bosses are soloable, and you can carry players if you feel like it, i do carry players if they ask because i'm a nice person and like some socialization.


my favorite items are now usually the ones nobody else goes for, and i've learned to let go of (most) useless items...


the EXP and Meso gains are much more bearable, and you don't need to heavily rely on PQ's as you would've long ago.


the economy is too broken, but there's ways to make plenty of meso outside of merching anyways...


and still waiting for more expansive maps...


my final verdict:


i don't like the idea of going all the way back to old maple, mostly because there's no way to make it exactly as it was back then for all players, for most, the friends they had aren't magically going to be there, and it would also be difficult for most players to adjust back to what maplestory was, especially when we've been in modern maplestory for too long, the game itself is more polished than it was then, and i actually enjoy the story they've created thus far.


i've moved on, mostly because i know the game won't be the same for me as it was then.


i'm actually appreciative of the changes maple has gone through, it has given me more reasons to play and given me the ability to reach goals that i would've thought impossible otherwise, i've also made more friends now than ever both in-game and here in the forums.


sure there are issues with the current maple, but those issues can only be fixed if we can allow it to change.

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