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Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna Class

Hey guys, welcome back to ms2store, the best site for MapleStory 2 mesos, news and guides. How do you feel with Kanna skill balance changes? Is these changes acceptable and reasonable? How do you like Kanna in game? Would you to use a Kanna now, after these balance changes? I just want to share some of my suggestions about Kanna skill:


From its orignal concept Kanna is meant to be a bossing mage. Which offered some help to boss fights with the use of its barriers, sakura's falling healing and its 2 binds. However time has past, the game has developed and Kanna still feels a bit from a char stuck in the past. A reason perhaps its scaling became very strong from Haku's Blessinig.


Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna Class


Unfortuanately some skills are not as usefull and could use a change.


Sakura's Falling:

Sakurás Falling is a skill which can heal the party upon hitting the boss. In many situations where you require healing the boss is often not not close enough to use to heal or at certain bosses its giving damage reflect. Downsides of Sakura Falling currently is its high mana cost, high delay upon using skill and very small hitbox for your party to make use of the heal.


Suggested change: Lower cooldown, be able to heal while not having to hit a boss/mob and lower delay and mana cost. A bit more in the style of Raven Storm (Demon Slayer).


Blossom Barrier

With the introduction of attacks from bosses only doing fixed damage or % HP attacks this skill became quickly outdated. Kanna has no protection against such attacks, where a lot of other classes have either % HP protection skills or skills giving iframes, making you able to ignore damage for a short while. By making this barrier work on % HP attacks as suggested in the post above I believe this skill can once again florish!


Veritable Pandemonium

In the early days of Kanna, 2 bind skills where very handy and you were able to stack them up giving extra bind duration. With the release of 5th job you can no longer stack binds and also a bind skill was introduced as common skill from a node. Another issue with this skill is that when you cast it, you are unable to move for about 3s making you vunerable for attacks, often at Magnus you get hit by one of its meteors and you death. So there are 2 options for this skill, maintain it as it is and add an iframe effect to the skill while casting this skill. Another option is repleacing this skill completely for a new attacking skill you can activate once every 10 seconds.



Orochi is a usefull mobbing skill but its cast duration is very long making its only possible to mob with and tank the damage you receive meanwhile and making its impossible to use in a boss fight. Cause using this skill makes you so vunerable for attacks, adding an iframe to this attack or lowering its cast delay would be very helpfull.


Ether Pulse

Ether Pulse is Kannas teleport skill. Its range and distance and making you teleport to the next platform are all fine, however it has a long delay upon casting, making you very slow and at times unable to avoid an attack. Lowering its cast delay is suggested and/or adding new mobility skills to make Kanna avoid incomming attacks, since its a squishy class.


Haku's Blessing

Now lets talk about Kannas most important buff Haku's Blessing. From origin Kanna is a class with very few buffs, like Shade cause Haku is casting most of your buffs. As a lot of you have noticed, no matter how you change Haku's Blessing the skill will be a too big effect for the party and therre will be always someoone complaining. Also there is absolutely no need to share Kanna's 80% stance and IED effect with the party. This skill was in the past a self buff and its best left there. Also if you have more then 1 Kanna in your party, Haku's Blessing will override each other and you end up with the weaker buff of the two. Something very unwanted and cancelling Haku is no option since you still wannna make use of the other buffs Haku grants you.


We want these skills to be adjusted so that we can use a more balanced and also more competitive Kanna skill in MapleStory, instead of  seeing a very weak Kanna class, which would always be some players' favorite class in game.

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