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Some Suggestions For A Better MapleStory

I love MapleStory so much, I have been playing this game for about 8 years, yes, it's a very long time and we had such loving fun together in game, so  I want to see a better MapleStory, below is my suggestions:


Some Suggestions For A Better MapleStory


Boss Queues


-When boss queueing, party leader positions doesn't get handed to the person who joined the new party

-Be able to queue to Monsters Boss without having all the party members be the same channel

-Boss queueing for Arkarium should take the party outside the altar instead of Crack in Time


Boss Content


-Remove Physical Attack Immunity on Arkarium's summons

-Allow infinite entries, but 1 clear per day for most bosses

-Remove auto respawns on bosses with death counts

-Remove fire upon defeating Chaos Crimson Queen


Items and Equipment Changes


-Increase stats of the Kritias Set, Boss Accessory Set and Meister Set's equipment as well as their set bonuses

-Allow Crystal Ventus Badge to be enhancable and pottable

-Include Arkarium's rings and its Meister counterparts in the Boss Accessories rather than a 2 piece ring set each (as well increase their stats)

-Remove PSOK and SOK requirements on Dominator Pendants, Mechanator Pendants, Chaos Horntail Pendants, Horntail Pendants, Zakum and Chaos Zakum Helmets

-Redesign Scarlet and Lucky "Joker" Equipment so it can truly substitute in any set the player desires instead of the highest set ID

-Allow Proton Suits and Boots to be wearable by all classes

-Allow Rakes, Wrenches, Golden Pickaxes and Shovels to be repairable, not always repaired with maplestory mesos, it's too wasteful

-Remove recipes for Timeless and Reverse Equipment, LVL 110 and 100 equipment present in Root Abyss Boxes


System Changes


-Under "Sound," break "SFX" into "Game SFX" and "Skill SFX"

(EXAMPLE: Vellum's roar will be treated differently from a skill's sound effect)


-In areas with 3 private channels like Cygnus and Union Trade, display which private channel the player currently is in as well as other party members

(EXAMPLE: Daxterbeer/ Arcania/ Private Channel 1, Snacktime/ Arcania/ Private Channel 3)


-Remove mastery level decay for crafting levels greater than 10

-Have Reward Points be deposited directly to the player's cash shop instead of manually claiming and redeeming every 10 separate occasions (The meter would be present to count how many points you got for the day)


I believe that we will do see a better MapleStory game in in the coming days, what we need do is keeping playing this game and keep making suggestions.

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