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Some Advises to Clean Up the World/Channel Select Screen

So happy to be ms2store to share my opinions about the world selection screen clutter, as we all konw that there are some chaos in world/channel, I think Nexon should take some measures right now!


I am against merging the allied worlds, if only because I'd really rather not have to remake my guild, alliance, and buddy list.

Other people would also lose characters, mesos and items in storage, and possibly other things (some pets in EMS lost all their skills, for example. I don't know if it was due to the migration or the world merge).


Some Advises to Clean Up the World/Channel Select Screen


I agree that alliances can be confusing, and I think that something should be done to clean up the world/channel select screen.

Possible solutions for the world selection screen clutter:


1. The server select screen will be more dynamic, and show only those worlds in which you have characters, and Primary worlds (Singleton worlds and the oldest world of each alliance) in which you don't have characters.

This means that new players will only see, and be able to make characters, in the primary world of each alliance, but older players with existing characters will still be able to access them all.


2. The server select screen will include a single button for each alliance. When pressing it, a submenu will appear asking to choose a world in the alliance.

For this to not be too tedious, the "change character" button should be brought back, and take one to the starter character selection screen (instead of the server/channel selection as happens now). It would also be nice if the game remembered the last world you played in, and allowed pressing "Enter" on the server select to get there without hunting (Direct launch did that).


3. As MegaScience suggested, and probably the simplest solution: put some kind of frame around allied worlds to clarify that they are "the same world" in some sense.


We should not only hope Nexon to make MapleStory better, all of the players need to contribute theirs share, we can build an wonderful MapleStory world with our common efforts!

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