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Six Ways to Cause More Damage in MapleStory 2

This informative guide highlights 6 easy ways to improve your damage in Maplestory using virtually no mesos! The techniques proven below are utilized to electricity new released jobs, for example, Kanna as much as Level 200 in a single day. As you may notice, new jobs with scarce Mastery Books and Godly Scrolled Weapons (primary leveling tool) has a tendency to slow lower leveling progress unless of course, the individual is leeching from the greater level person, but that's another story!


Six Ways to Cause More Damage in MapleStory 2


1 A. Create a Cygnus Character and level it up to Level 120.

The revamped Knights of Cygnus (Soul Master, Striker, Wind Breaker, Flame Wizard and Night Master) grants Empress's Blessing (passive skill in Beginner Skill Window) to any or all other figures inside your account aside from themselves. When Dark night of Cygnus is trained as much as level 150, Empress's Blessing provides  30 weapon/magic attack to any or all other figures. Mihile (Special Cygnus Dark night) are only able to provide as much as  24 weapons/magic attack to any or all other figures EXCEPT itself by level 120 via level 24 Empress Blessing.

Note: Empress's Blessings is not stackable with Blessing of the Fairy.


1 B. Create an Explorer/Adventurer Character and level it up to Level 200.

Adventurer/Explorer figures grant Blessing from the Fairy (passive skill in Beginner Skill Window) to any or all other figures inside your account aside from themselves. It's stacking with Empress's Blessing. The Blessing from the Fairy provides  1 ATK Power,  1 MAG ATK, and  1 Precision & Avoidability for each 10 level increment from your Explorer class, as much as level 200.

Note: Blessing of the Fairy is not stackable with Empress's Blessings.


2. Create characters that have Link Skills.

You have to create figures that possess link skills and level up to Level 70. Next, link individuals skills for your primary character that you simply intend to gain levels to Level 200 in the shortest period of time. For those who have free time, level individuals figures as much as Level 100 to improve the hyperlink Skill to Level 2 which supplies additional benefit. If you're planning to produce these, use individuals link skills that will help you gain levels individuals figures first before linking for your primary character! You may ask which 1 to produce first, well, I list the most crucial one's first: Mercedes ( 10% EXP), Cannoneer ( 25 All Stats and 10% Max HP MP), Kanna ( 10% Damage), Phantom ( 15% Critical Rate). For additional info on which jobs possess link skills, visit MapleStory Link Skill Guide.


3. Create 3 decks of Character Cards with your existing characters!

I suggest using 9 rank S character cards (or 9 cards if at all possible) 3 decks - each deck has 3 cards. Essentially, you have to produce a pack of cards by mixing 3 character cards to achieve bonuses. Each combination yields different bonuses, for example, extra Max HP MP or even more damage. For additional info on the very best card combination to improve damage, visit MapleStory Character Card System.


3. Setup Maple Legion aka Maple Union

I suggest bothering at least 20 figures as much as Level 140 so that you can earn a minimum of 40 coins each day. The Walnut Union coins may be used to purchase EXP potions that speed up leveling to Level 200. Also, each character within the Walnut Union can improve your primary stats and weapon/magic attack. Also, technology-not only to improve your base HP and MP for simpler leveling for brand new level figures. Visit Walnut Union also known as Walnut Legion System Guide for more information!


4. Obtain "Will of Alliance" Skill

This skill gives you +5 All Stats (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), +5 Weapon and Magic Attack. It's available for all classes but you need to complete a few quests to obtain this skill. You have to be Level 75. Start the search by clicking the Bulb on the left side of the screen and click on the search “Mysterious Discovery”. NPC Teo will start briefing you concerning the quest and that he will request you to meet another NPC Muirhat to defeat some monsters, and then talk with Kyrin (Pirate Instructor at Nautilus) and Athena Pierce (Bowman Instructor at Henesys) and lastly speak with Empress Cygnus residing at Ereve. Upon finishing the search, you'll be proven some video clip from the alliance and you gain this skill that is found underneath the Beginner Tab in your Skill Window.


5. Creating and Equipping Potential Equipment.

MapleStory has released a possible System that enables your equipment to achieve potential stats through crafting, scrolling with Potential Scroll and Cubing (uses NxCash for Premium Potential Cubes). However, if you don't have NxCash to invest, you can study crafting (craft equipment especially weapon and armor) to produce potential equipment. Potential Stats is preferable to ordinary stat because it can provide you with % percentage stat for example  9% STR. If you're Level 100 Warrior (5 AP x 100 Levels = 500 STR in primary attribute), 500 x 9% yields = 45 STR bonus from just 1 potential equipment! Visit MapleStory Potential System Guide for more information!


6. Create a mule to temporarily boost your primary character

This involves you to definitely create another account and make up a Phantom Crook to steal (also known as a copy) skills from Explorers for example Meditation (Boost Magic Attack), Rage (Boost Weapon Attack), Advanced Blessing (Boost Weapon and Magic Attack). For additional info on skill copying, visit Phantom Crook Skill Build Guide. Next, login to both primary and mule account. Make use of the mule (Phantom Theif) to buff your Primary Character during Training. This gives an easy damage boost. Obviously, it may also speed up your training provided your Phantom Crook has Holy Symbol, Walnut Warrior, Haste along with other great skills.


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