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Should Arkarium Tone Down or Not?

The focus of the topic was primarily Arkarium. Unlike other bosses, his mechanics make him far too impossible to defeat even with a party at times. Cygnus is bad but survivable. Lotus, I just tried and he is a pain but doable. Arkarium, however is in a class all his own.


I tested this yesterday on my 205 Demon Avenger just on EASY mode. I knocked Arkarium down to about 75%, locked him in place with Blood prison, then used a full power attack spam on him including the new V skill (name I forget to drop demon blood and hit him for a ton of damage). He got down to about 45% and Blood prison wore off and immediately he used his screen crack. When I respawned, he immediately used it again, and then again after a second respawn. I reentered again after waiting for Blood prison to clear and tried to relock him but immediately he used screen crack yet again, and again upon reentry, and again upon my last entry and I was knocked out of the battle.


Should Arkarium Tone Down or Not?


If someone can explain those mechanics, by all means do so.


As far as other bosses go:


Chaos Zakum - Yes the arms are a pain to avoid and the lack of a respawn area is less than optimal. Originally the text given regarding the boss stated that the only instant death attack was the jump attack done by Zakum. Nothing was said about the hand slap, lasers, etc. about being instantly lethal. The damage ratios were really never clarified and explained. Other than having someone with high damage and 100% Ignore Enemy Defense and a bind skill, defeating him is a messy challenge.


Hard Hilla - Yes, the instant entrapment cage is a pain and destroying it to free a player is next to impossible. Soloing this boss currently is not an option. It would be nice to have the cage breakable by special attacks, or if solo, have the <-- --> key sequences pop up to break the cage yourself.


Lotus - The lasers are a pain to avoid as they do lag heavily at times. This however is not as bad as other bosses though.


But if we consider this questions in another way - how to play MapleStory with fun and happy? I would to sat that if you are rich in the game, you can not consider the Arkarium is low or high, just use your maplestory mesos to crush everything, and MS2Store is the place that you should get mesos from, you will get best support here!

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