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Reserve Your Name on MapleStory2

MapleStory's office released a new message recently about reserving your name of MapleStory2. If you purchased a MapleStory 2 Founder's Pack – you know, the ones that come with unicorns and poop – then get ready to reserve your character's name starting at 10:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.


Reserve Your Name on MapleStory2


When the day comes, you can download the preliminary version of the MapleStory 2 client and create your first character – when MapleStory 2 is officially released, your favorite name is safe. You can create one character per region, but obviously avoid going to every server to register the same name, if you don't plan on playing there. Once downloaded, create your first character so that, when MapleStory 2 is officially released, you don't have to worry about someone else stealing your favorite name!




There are some common problems with name reservation. For example:


Q: When does Name Reservation start?

A: Name Reservation begins at:

  • PDT (UTC -7): 10:00 AM August 14th
  • EDT (UTC -4): 6:00 PM August 14th
  • BRT (UTC -3): 7:00 PM August 14th
  • CEST (UTC +2): 12:00 AM August 15th
  • AEST (UTC +10): 8:00 AM August 15th


Q: How many characters and names can I create?

A: You are allowed to create one character per region. We ask that you avoid creating characters on servers you don't plan to frequent so that other players have the opportunity to create characters with their favorite names.



Q: What parts of Character Creation are available?

A: You will be prompted to select your character's class, gender, face type and cosmetics, hairstyle and color, skin tone, starting outfit and name. The character you create will be available for use when MapleStory 2 officially launches.



Q: What if I just want to reserve a name, and not select a class yet? What if I decide later that I'd rather that character be a different class?

A: If you know what character name you want to reserve, but aren't sure on the class or other details yet (or afraid you'll change your mind), don't worry! You can create your character now to lock down that name, and when the official release arrives, just delete the created character to free up the name and create your new character as you see fit!



Q: Do players that purchased the Legendary Package get preference over those that purchased an Explorer Package? What about those that didn't purchase a Package but were awarded one from an event or giveaway?

A: It's first to come, first serve for character names, no matter which Founder's Pack you purchased or how you acquired it. As long as a Founder's Pack has been purchased or redeemed by your Nexon account, you'll be able to create your first character and reserve your name!


There's quite an important question indeed since people will be unable to do anything if they've locked the name to the first character but don't know whether the correct choice is to delete the original character or not. However, I am sure that they will not punish you for deleting the name reservation character because if they did, they are just asking for countless complaints at release. I mean, people losing $100 worth of items because of poor instructions? No matter what, I'm fairly sure your items are safe. Let's look forward to more good news from Maplestory 2!

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