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Not Happy With Dead Server in MapleStory

I have been playing MapleStory for more than 8 years and always believe that Nexon is a good company that loving their players, until I am hurted by the dead server in MapleStory. Maybe Nexon not cares about loyal Maplers anymore.


Of course as a AH as a tool can be useful sometimes but most of the time people find out how to abuse of such tools to increase what they get selling stuff instead of building a stable economy


Not Happy With Dead Server in MapleStory


Do you know why Nexon is loosing MapleStory players? Do you think Nexon doesnt abandon loyal players? well this may hurt you a bit but its not personal JoseCh its a business to begin with


this comes from a player that has spent 12 years

~I have been permanently banned once unfairly

~my main class the Pirate ~ Brawler branch its been nerfed to the ground to the point that they removed the core transformation at one point

~then to add salt to the wound they added a mount with some of the original transformation animations

~the "5th job was a complete disapointment for me cause they claimed that the transformation skill was coming back but it wasnt true


but then again not everything is bad


~the permanent ban was removed cause it was due some gameguard error issue

~even tho you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time to get what you want as free to play like me I don't regret any time spent in maplestory

~before and after the bigbang its been a very rough voyage for both the players and the guys and gals trying to keep this boat afloat

~they took a lot of things away but gave me a lot of things I wanted aswell

~I cannot even play right now cause the direct gamelauncher was removed and am forced to download 10gb everytime a big update comes


But in the end after all the struggle theres always a treasure only for those brave enough to endure the storms


Really hope that MapleStory will last forever, yes, I even want to play this game with my son and my grandson. Ultimately, the choice between leaping and merging is up to Nexon.

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