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Much larger fundamental issues of MapleStory

Kishin merely masked much larger fundamental issues Maple has and never should have existed to begin with. If anything, all it did was help Nexon justify putting off proper re-balancing and content updates.


The fact of the matter, when people complain about the game being grindier without Kishin, is that the game is designed specifically to be incredibly grindy in the first place. This is because the game has been severely behind in content updates for years, and therefore they want players to take longer to reach the end. It's always been this way. Take a look at the soft cap on meso bags. It soft caps, in Reboot, relatively early on, at around 10k or so, and doesn't increase even as you fight late/endgame enemies. There is no real reason for this cap to exist other than to slow you down. If this were any other MMO the meso would scale as you progress in the game, without the need for any sort of "money increasing" effects.


What we need isn't more spawn. We need better content which equals better leveling, and better scaling and/or general meso rewards akin to current Reboot Event Ursus (which needs to be a permanent change in Reboot).


Much larger fundamental issues of MapleStory


We also need a huge re-balance on enemies and gear. The fact that AbsoLab still isn't better than CRA+Tyrants is inexcusable, and you might need to do a combination of nerfing CRA+Tyrants and buffing AbsoLab. CRA+Tyrant works unlike all other major sets in the game to date, and it's making players overpowered with no need to use anything else. We also might need to do away with "mob" grinding, and focus more on boss grinding. By that I mean, lower spawn per area, but have the enemies behave more like Elite Bosses and whatnot that would reward better EXP and items than the normal enemies you would have been facing earlier in the game. This helps to make training more interesting, because you're no longer fighting what are effectively just reskins of Mushrooms and Snails with more HP and could make debuffing skills more useful outside of core bossing, possibly even partying. It also just makes it so the game actually feels like it's progressively getting more difficult.

I think it would also help to get players to play the game more of the intended way by placing restrictions on each new boss, by forcing you to have defeated the boss prior to it a certain amount of times. Example:


Hilla: Requires 6 Normal Zakum

Von Leon: Requires 10 Normal Hilla

Easy Cygnus: Requires 14 Normal Von Leon

Chaos Root Abyss: Requires 10 Easy Cygnus


Zakum is obtained in 3 days, Hilla in 5, Von Leon in 2 weeks, and Easy Cygnus in 10 weeks. Reason being that it doesn't make any sense that players can just completely skip major content. Force the meta to include all of it, which also helps to keep players more properly geared for each one as well. Part of the grind in Maple is made up by the players themselves, because they're obsessed with skipping everything and settling with Pensalir - generic gear - and going right to endgame using that which asks far more of their gear at that point.


I'll just add that I play my Blaster without GMS content except for Nebulites (the closest thing we have to Flames, and they're significantly weaker, so I think it's fair), which means I don't actively take advantage of Kishin (though it isn't always possible to avoid a glitched map), or meso farm in the GMS way which is effectively just botting, and don't use Sweetwater/Gollux. I'm already at the point where I can solo Easy Cygnus despite all of that. I have Legendary potential on my Emblem and Secondary despite all of that, and decent potentials on everything else that I'll transfer up to Empress set. I don't even have drop/meso gear, either. Doesn't take some obscene grind whatsoever, and honestly the only thing really slowing me down now is the entry limit on Empress.

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