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MapleStory Wonderoid Jump Quest - B4/B1 Guide

Some maplestory players has complained to ms2store about ridiculous difficulty of Wonderoid Jump Quest, yes, so many players has failed 100+ times in this event! So as the chief editor, I want to share some tips with you guys, I am the only man who can save you out in Wonderoid Jump Quest.


With that said, I do think they could increase the time of safety between some of the moving lasers... you have to get the timing just right.


MapleStory Wonderoid Jump Quest - B4/B1 Guide


Some tips for getting through the stages:

- B4: Move past the laser while IT IS STILL IN SIGHT but ABOUT TO DISAPPEAR. So basically you move through the laser the second it disappears, but you gotta start your character moving towards it as it is still visible. If you keep this in mind while doing it, you should get it down pat.


- B4: At the conveyer belt part, don't be afraid to backtrack!!! The spikey wall that comes shortly after doesn't start moving until you jump off of the belt. The tip here is to move your android to the very end of the belt, move yourself far away from the edge, then turn your character so it's facing towards the spikey wall direction. At this point, press d to make your android jump, and backtrack yourself back down the conveyer belt so you don't fall off. At this point your android is at the bottom and you're still at the top. Now you can carefully fall off the belt (keep pressing your -> arrow continuously so you don't go flying off), and then you just whack the vent at the bottom until it breaks and press up to enter


- For those who have made it past B4, B3 and B2 are much easier (if you're struggling, just buy mesos from ms2store.com and you'll be through in no time!)


- B1: The moving lasers move fastest when they're closer to the center of their oscillation, so this is often the "safest" time to pass through. Some of my friends are telling me they prefer to wait until the laser disappears towards the left side, though


- B1: The steam patterns actually are not very tricky as they might first seem. The hardest part of them is around the ladder (slightly before and slightly after). My advice is to get used to carefully pressing <-- so that you "don't move" on the conveyer belt. Practicing this mechanic helps you just wait out the steams and learn the patterns without watching your character. Also big tip: look for the actual devices that shoot out the steam. This helps you know where they are so you aren't guessing whether you passed over one or not. Also: towards the end of the steam stuff you just want to let your start character move down the belt naturally. Do NOT press --> towards the end of the belt to get past the steams or else you'll shoot too far into another one.


- F1: At the very last gate (I believe it's the 3rd gate) move VERY slowly so that you can see the soldiers approaching, then move over and kill them BEFORE going over to the gate. This way you can easily clear out the mobs and the gate without having to rush through the gate and die to the mob stacking hits on you (for those not familiar, F1 is just a mob clear map with no other ways to die, so if you're struggling on B1, know that once you hit F1 the hard stuff is over)


I think a more pressing issue is that the PQ thing you do after completing these is not instanced, so you might be a lvl 200 and some lvl 250 pops into the map changes and all of a sudden the mobs are lvl 250 and you can't kill them. This is a significant portion of the event coins that we can get. Hopefully Nexon fixes this over the maintenance but it's not currently listed to be fixed as of the time of this post.


Alright, Wonderoid JQ is over, now it's time to invite you guys to buy maplestory 2 mesos from ms2store.com, we are professional maplestory service supplier, we can offer you all you need in game.

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