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MapleStory 2: Punishment, Removal of Exploited Gains

Not only botters who take up massive amounts of maps and gains without being there. What about hackers and exploiters?


People flaunting Beater Medals, Frenzy Totems in Reboot, the recent hacking exploits regarding Arcane Symbols and skills such as Monolith.


I would dare to say they're probably caused some sort of lag within the servers and possible channel crashing if not the actual functions of a poorly maintained game.


MapleStory 2: Punishment, Removal of Exploited Gains


There needs to be punishment, removal of exploited gains, and of course permanently patching such methods so they can never come back. So far, I don't see any of this happening besides ninja patching. I've heard rumors of people being able to keep such gains.


As long as this continues, it will progressive plague the market, rankings, and the community. There are many people on other sites such as YouTube, BasilMarket, and /r/MapleStory (that is not an extensive list) who have claimed to started hacking because of Nexon's incompetence to not only fix the game, but to make it better with absolute transparency along with treating us players like actual humans in cooperation to get on the same page of the current state of the game, and its future.


I question the general practices for not only the current format of Customer Support, but along with the Forum Suggestions, Bug Reporting, Technical and in-game Report function. There are so many options for players to file a complaint, but why is so little being done on Nexon's side.


Legacy issues such as Dragon Rider Party Quest, Crusader Codex, Horntail, Event Hall, general client/server stability and the list can go on with lesser known bugs. I don't need to go into Suggestions or Technical issues since the problems aren't players not reporting it, but a genuine response from Nexon with either a proper solution that fixes the issues or diagnosing the issues with the player or what the report has been given.


I don't know where the heart of the problem is, but I honestly think that the players are not at fault. Nexon needs to change whatever is keeping Global MapleStory at this state.

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