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MapleStory: How About Moving To BERA

Hi guys, welcome to ms2store, would you like to move to BERA? You know there are so many people have been playing in dead servers for YEARS, so it would be ok to call out a server for people to join in.


But frankly we only get to move once so i think its fine that people are all deciding to move there . ( or at least a lot of people )

I for one will be taking all my grazed starter character there. also i will be looking for a guild and friends haha. so feel free to add me after the maintainence ( or are we already able to transfer? )


MapleStory: How About Moving To BERA


Have an old account that lived there rip my old character lv173 Battle Mage with no star on gears but i love bera as always then scania ( sadly to say cause ppl there are harsh and rude) noneoftheless im finally coming home bera!!


So far a half a day in and it's great. I'm having no problem finding maps to train on and I've made more money in the FM and AH in one day than I'd normally made in grazed in 3 days. Way more options for buying and selling. The people I've seen so far are very welcoming. Moving was a great decision for me.


Yeah looks Bera is going to the 3rd most populated world after Reboot & Scania.

After a day of World Leap Event looks like already there... after Windia the others worlds are so empty they should at least merge all of them together to Windia.


GMS should not have more than 4 worlds + reboot. Right now we got 6... being empty 5 of them. Now Bera could join Scania at decent populated world... merging all the other worlds with Windia could be the best move... or atleast merge all the Server Alliance worlds, we could have 2 no-so-empty servers (Windia and the merged one) and 2 decent-populated Scania and Bera.


Many of the things in the FM in GRAZED were absolutely unbuyable with max maplestory 2 mesos in a lot of the shops which made going there for someone who refuses to pump a house payment into this game monthly unattainable and pointless.


That not how it works at all in Maple at least. Less people not only means low demand it also means low supply. Less people means less people doing Philo book and Marvel machines for things that matter like AEE no boom, Prime scrolls, Outlaw heart, nebs, etc. Low supply, Low demand is what low pop server leads to. Which is basically a dead market.


If there are more players in BERA, there would be more demand in MapleStory and more work should be done by Nexon. because not everyone can afford certain things and if people are patient prices will be driven down to a certain degree.

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