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MapleStory: Drop Rate & Boss Accessories

Hi guys, welcome to ms2store, how do you feel about the new Frig Up update? You know I do meet some trouble when I am going to play my Hayato. There are must be something wrong with drop rate & boss accessories, which will effect my Hayato.


It isn't just about Hayato, or other classes. I heard that getting desirable drops from mobs in Arcane River is a nightmare, but let me share with you another curse Tune-up had on me.


MapleStory: Drop Rate & Boss Accessories


The drop rate nerf had a huge impact on bossing. Items such as boss cubes drop less even with all the drop accessories and familiars equipped. I used to net about 4 cubes a day with drop gear after killing all the bosses. After the Tune up update, I receive 0-1 to a day. Even though we have an RP shop with Red and Black cubes, we are only restricted to buying 5 of each for month. It will be a lot harder for players to re-roll their potentials if Master Cubes suddenly started dropping less frequently. All the extra Master and Meisters are beneficial for getting your item to Unique before you use Black, Reds or Meisters for the tier up you need.


Boss Accessories aren't as important to players funding mains, but they do serve as good items for players who want to outfit their mules something without spending so much on Gollux gear. Boss accessories (Condensed Power Crystals, Aquatic Letter Eye, Sea Diadus Earrings, Royal Metal Shoulder, Silver Blossom rings make good gear for players training their characters for their legions. After killing bosses like Zakum, I would count for a face accessory as well an eye accessory (ring and earring for Horntail and Badge and Shoulder for Magnus.) Ever since the patch, it has been a lot harder to outfit my characters. Without accessories to fuse or enhance (and no cubes to enhance them too,) I bet other people have a hard time getting stronger in terms of damage and legion strength.


I really and not sure how nerfing drop rate for people with drop gear a balanced approach. If KMS's intention was to force LVL 200+ characters to slow down and return to areas in the Arcane River instead of maxing their symbol and never returning to that area, the devs should have focused on adjusting the drop rates whether it may be nodes, symbols or droplets instead of rewriting the drop rate formula. The devs may have not thought it well for GMS since KMS bosses always drop Occult Cubes and flames regardless of drop rate.


I would like the cube and boss accessory drop rates to be restored to pre-tune up. I am not happy about about the nerfs made to Arcane River monster drops, but the cube/accessory drop rate nerf inhibiting early progression is just unacceptable.


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