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How to Treat MapleStory FM Shops

Hi, guys, have you bought any weapon/equipments from the FM shops? How do you feel about with these FMs, is the price afforadble? Do you get your weapons on time? Should FM exist or not? 


I think the owner doesn't vanish. These shops are there continuously. They have no fear of GMs or anyone.


Regardless, you're right that this sort of thing shouldn't be done by patrolling GMs. It should be done by back-end data-miners and programmers.


How to Treat MapleStory FM Shops


It really shouldn't be that hard to program something that looks through all these 1000 shops and flags those that have tall ever-replenishing stacks of elite boss drops, or for that matter those that sell arrows for exorbitant prices, or any other suspicious activity.


Of course the hackers will eventually realize what's giving them away and change some of their habits, and the detection scripts would have to be adapted accordingly. But it would still be both cheaper and more effective than having GMs walk around and look at shops one by one. Or try to get through heaps of reports, way more than they can possibly follow up on.


(Anecdotally, at one point the owner of "that fm site" offered Nexon help finding mesos-farmer shops, because his bots, in scanning FM, found them easily. I don't think anything came of it, but it's just one more example of a mechanism that's far more efficient than manually-patrolling GMs. Obviously, Nexon wouldn't need to run bots that pretend to be clients; they can just look at FM data from the back end.)


Also, with the new Auction House, back-end detection of suspicious activity becomes essential.

I can go into AH and see 10 stacks of CSS posted at the same time and for the same price, and conclude it's probably a botter who posted them. But I don't have an IGN to report.

It should be really trivial to scan AH listings for such things.


In fact, why wait until the items are posted to AH or FM? From the back-end, one can see character inventories and storage. Accounts holding ridiculous amounts of certain items, and especially accounts that are continuously "gifted" these items from a veritable army of other accounts, need to be banned before they get a chance to even open up shop.


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