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How to Boycott Botters/Hackers in Maplestory

Botters and hackers becomes more and more serious in Maplestory, it's more hard to fight against them, if we fight for the spot  with these botter and hackers, we will very likely get banned - we are judged as a botter instead!


Again. anti-hacks in the past have completely pushed the legitimate players further back than actual hackers. Refer to Anti-Bot Monsters, GM Police that disconnects or auto-bans players, and Magnus Anti-Hack meteors galore.


How to Boycott Botters/Hackers in Maplestory


One thing that can be done is to not only increase GM presence to cut down the sheer amount of mesos/Elite Monster botters. This also means teaching them and updating them with the latest information after every patch/maintenance so they should know what's between right and wrong. Many players have claimed EMS has done well with their GM team so it bother me why GMS is having such a tough time.


Another idea is permanently patching the hack itself that allows to exploit the game code. Most of the time the game is just updated to scramble it around a bit and then the distributors of those hacks have it working again within a few days if not hours. I've seen hacks change overtime if looking back into history, but they take a RIDICULOUSLY long time to permanently patch them. What's very strange is that I'm seeing some types of hacks making a comeback which really wants to make me question, what are they doing? A lot of this analysis was based off seeing random botters I run into on a daily, and there are more than just "a hand full".


The last thing I would say, go after the distributors of those hacks. If they're not making profit off of it they're definitely going against the Terms of Use along with many other things that I probably don't even know about. It's quite funny how several of those sites who are responsible are still a go-to for hacks based off of keywords that I hear from some players time to time, it's simply unbelievable.


I reported botters, submitted many sorts of tickets throughout the years. I've participated in a thread where Nexon wanted popular hacking maps in order to combat said hackers. The numbers have been slowly on the rise, but at this point most of the botters don't even care anymore either if someone is in the map, or it being a popular area. Botters nowadays literally just hack away and many legitimate players are affected by this. If not training, the markets and rankings will show.


There are dozens of foolish cheaters out in the open and even though those said people have been reported, most of the time when action is taken is generally when it has been way too late. A good example would be the recent duplication item exploit removal that only deleted the weapons, not going after the ring or distributors that are responsible.


In my opnion, it's Nexon's fault, they do not give close attention to botters and hackers, and ignoring many important reports from the players! There must be a system that can control all of these situations!

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