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How Do You Feel About MapleStory Flames System

Yes, there’s a lot of debate about whether we MapelStory players should get Flames of Rebirth system, some players want to get the system and others want to get some compensation, you know, it's Nexon, things would be really different.


It's not impossible to remove systems and compensate players, and it's not without precedent. Just look at the changes they had to make for the EMS merge. My gear is almost fully nebbed with 3% and 4% STR and all stats nebs, and I wouldn't mind for a second if they disappeared and we got additional options, even without compensation.


How Do You Feel About MapleStory Flames System


It's not more that much more difficult to put value on things which vary from the norm, for years that was the law in the land in Maple. There was no question on the value of 2atk vs 3atk vs 4atk PACs for example. Because of this, weaker players could afford a 2atk PAC, while stronger players could go for the 4atk. As you upgrade, you had a market to sell your old items to, when all items are the same, after making marginal upgrades, all you can really do is sell to someone who's only slightly worse than you. 


This creates a huge gap where good items have little chance of moving from the strongest players to the weakest players. Likewise, the equips weaker players have are basically worthless, so they don't stand a chance of selling them to make money for better items. There's a distinct a lack of gradual progression, just clusters of weak and strong. Sure it might work in other games, but with the upgrade systems in place in Maple, it is not a good system to have.


And you recall wrong. Additional options are just an extension of the previous stat variance system. All items which are 130 and lower are fully tradeable and naturally have additional stats. Using flames on them will cause them to become untradeable, however that is not necessary, hunt for new items, fuse old items, you get your new additional options and your gear stays tradeable. 


All items which are 140 and over have 10 scissor counts applied and are tradeable until equipped. For items which became untradeable, but don't require normal scissors of karma or platinum, you can buy silver scissors for 20m in NPC shops to trade once they've become untradeable. This doesn't seem to have been a problem in KMS so far, but other servers have adapted a system with slightly weaker stats, but no new restrictions on tradeability, no reason we couldn't as well.


Ok, as an old player of MapleStory, I don't care whether we can get flame systems on GMS/KMS/EMS, all I want is playing a better MS game in future, because I will always support MapelStory game.

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