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How Could Nexon Bring Us A Surprise

It does all fall on Nexon. There are trustworthy people around and a lot of them don't get the chance. Whatever system they had in place for choosing people needs to be reworked. 


There are test servers on so many MMOs and all of them get used like you said. It's understandable because people want to try out the new content. As for people abusing exploits, that again falls on Nexon for not enforcing and not enforcing nearly fast enough. People will exploit either way and if they know they can get away with it easily they will be more inclined to do it. To say most will do this is wrong though. The problem with the test server is most people don't feel it's worth their time to stick around and do a job for Nexon especially after they've seen all they need to content wise. The solution to this? Add incentive to find and report bugs. I know most people would rather be playing on their mains on the live servers rather than finding bugs on the test server. 


How Could Nexon Bring A New MapleStory Game


The MWLB was brought in at a time when lots of people were young. I mean there's still a lot of young people now but there are also far more vets who have continued to play and are in their 20's. Far more mature and knowledgeable about the game. I think they should bring something like it back without the cringe announcements. Just make it a secret thing. GMs need to actually follow up on the reports and the players chosen need to be chosen far better. There are people who have reported and gotten hundreds of people banned. These are the people you want on the MWLB. 


The situation in game right now is beyond disgusting. Botting has never been so widespread. I see so many players botting now. I'm not talking about gold farmers which have been around forever. I'm talking about actual players botting/hacking on their mains. They simply do not give a crap anymore because that's how things have become. You have loads of people using macros, people watching their characters macro, afk macroing and a lot of them are making it all the way to 250 without even being touched. The fact that they even make it past 210 baffles me especially since it's so easy to identify macro botters. I don't know if this laziness, lack of staff or lack of experience on the GMs part since Nexon is never transparent with us anymore. I even said before the V patch more players would be macro botting and they have done absolutely nothing. After a major patch like this you would have wanted the GMs to be out in full force making sure nobody starts botting for nodestones and arcane symbols. Sadly they've all gotten away with it because there's no GMs around at all. 


You also have the world record event currently running. There's a hacker/gold farmer that has a world record....still not banned btw. Just shows you how bad the situation is atm. In any other game these players would be banned in no more than 1 day.

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