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Hackers and appear offline in MapleStory

It's really easy and i'm surprised people still don't understand how. So no point saying I wont when I have been able to find every single player in this game regardless of if they are offline or not. It just takes a bit longer if they are offline which is why I'm complaining because this function isn't good for the game.


I care because mostly all hackers and botters use this function. As I said in my previous post. It slows down the whole process of finding the player and recording evidence. So it is a problem. Hackers and botters do affect my game play. They fact they exist and are earning 50b+ per week off nodestones alone completely ignoring what they earn off elite boss drops affects me and all players greatly. It affects the market and it's downright unfair. Also they do care. Why do they care? Most of these people doing this actually care about their "reputation" even though they're a hacker or botter. They want to be seen as legit when they are in fact botting trash. 


Hackers and appear offline in MapleStory


Make anouther character to bot? Sure, but you're thinking of gold farmers not players who hack and bot. There's a big difference. A player isn't going to start over especially if they have spent some of their own money on the starter character (which most of these guys have) and end up losing it all instantly. It can be farmed up again sure but there's loads of events that don't end up coming back. One example is the Sword art online event.


We're talking about players who hack and bot and climb ranks rapidly due to hacking. It took under 2 months to hit 250 for 1 hacker which isn't really normal even for hardcore. So we are going to know about them because we are going to see their massive spikes in exp and check what's up. 9 times out of 10 they are a hacker or botter. 


Even if there are no spikes, if you've been around on a server long enough you know who can and can't train for long periods of time. In other words you know who's hardcore and who isn't and you can check the ranks to see who's high rank and gaining exp. I've found on my server almost all the people that struggled to grind for one 2x event ended up resorting to hacking or botting. Not everyone but this has been the case for most.

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