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Fair Enough on MapleStory Kerning Tower

Hey folks, welcome to ms2store, how do you guys feel about the Kerning Tower in new Fantasy Theme World, is this the version that you would like to see in the year 2017? Or do you have some more good suggestions for the new theme? Just come and discuss with us:


Hopefully that patch comes here before I have to spend too much time grinding that area. Properly fitting music can really enhance content, even if you find the rest of it dull.


Fair Enough on MapleStory Kerning Tower


Fantasy Theme World, while uninteresting, at least had a sense of conflict. Granted, I don't think anyone in KMS was really demanding that FTW have a new storyline, so it came out of nowhere for me too.


I personally thought it was all fine, not mind-blowing or anything. I guess you're right that it lacked any major conflict that wasn't quickly hand-waved away, but I found it cute overall. Moreso than Squirrel-Boy trying to Pick-Up Artist his way to success.


Maybe I'd be better served pointing to other, older revamps, like Mushroom Kingdom, which similarly got a new story for no particular reason, but feels like it had a bit more work put in, imo. Or Korean Folk Town and Mushroom Shrine which had some pretty beefy story content added to them that seemed pretty good to me. Can't remember much about the original versions of those two, but the changes seemed fairly significant at least.


Anyhow, it's all just my opinion. I personally never found FTW all that interesting, and I feel like this particular revamp did less for FTW than any of the other revamps did for theirs. I certainly can't speak for anyone else on the matter. I just hope that if Florina Beach, Tera Forest, or even Chryse ever get their black chains off the world map, their revamps are of quality of the others, rather than what FTW got.


Ok, whatever you like the new theme or not, it's just here, so guys, let's try the new theme now and then we can make a desion hwether it's the theme that we love and expect! And if you need some maplestory 2 mesos, just come to ms2store, we will help you and offer you best support in game.

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