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Everybody Wants to Get Pendents in MapleStory?

Hey fellows, do you show any amazing Pendant of the Spirit or something better in the Hot Week, yes, people are all crazy about beautiful and exquisite pendents in both real world and MapleStory world. And diffrent pendents have very distinct function, so players are collecting those pendents.


I'm mean apparently I've said some stuff that triggers people like you and well I'm at the point I'm gonna be kicked out from the ms2store so when that happens you won't have to worry about me not be able to worry your thoughts.


Everybody Wants to Get Pendents in MapleStory?


So yes, I'm level 230 and I don't know a lot of things about whats going on and the reason is because I don't have people who know this stuff to ask, a lot of the who I used to talk to no longer play anymore...


And well because a lot of these "Cool Kids" hate me because I've exposed them as being botters they want nothing to do with me.


Ohhh and one thing I wanna mention is all I can do is train that's all, I can't do nothing else because well I don't have the gear to do bossing and well let's just say there is no gear for my class so even if I wanted to get that gear well I can't.

And If I could find clean gear well then I did have to scroll it myself so I'd needs mesos to pay for all the overpriced scrolls and then end up having to drop over $500 to cube my gear or just end up having to wait till a Double Miracle Time and hopefully I have money that day to join into cubing.


Because I was trying to show off the part where it had how long I was on for well the Forum Moderator claims I was spamming the first time I made a thread about a screen shot like it I was asking mentioning the game was thinking a Gollux Pendent was a pendent that gives EXP.


And well I tried to show a picture of that pendent because I thought it was cool that it showed I was wearing it for 141 hours because the old days you'd get a message in the chat saying "You've have been playing MapleStory for xxx hours you should take a break.


Well I tried to show that picture to helpfully get people to reply on the thread and maybe end up making a friend in-game well it ended just being called "spam".

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