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Do not gamble on fusing Nebulites for mesos in MapleStory

Hey guys, welcome to ms2store, did any of you gamble on fusing Nebulites? Some of palyers want tp get more maplestory mesos by gamble, yes, gamble may bring extra mesos for you, but cabn also lose all of your mesos meanwhile. You guys need to be more careful about this.


I believe hackers will always get what they want regardless which one is implemented. About there being a lack of enforcement just speeds up the process that the players can actually see.


Do not gamble on fusing Nebulites for mesos in MapleStory


In terms of Nebulites I support it for a revamp along with the release of S Nebulites making them more accessible for both Reboot and Non-Reboot players. This also includes adding Nebulite Diffusers into the Reward Shop


I also support Bonus Potential Cubes within Reward Shop. I will also go as far as to introduce it into Reboot for continued player growth to increase their end-game cap so they're not just stuck with Potentials, Star Force, Nebulites and Flames.


Another suggestion I will support are Additional Options with the 15 to 25 Star Force expansion for continued player growth for both Reboot and Non-Reboot players.


Just because such revamps or accessibility is made doesn't mean the entire player-base will have overpowered items on day one. It does increase power-creep but this is an MMO it's practically unavoidable. There will also always be players that will always get ahead of the pack and get there before any average player would.


The main issues with Bonus Potential and Nebulites is the lack of accessibility to players within game content (trading, and cash shop does not count).


The main issue why Additional Options and 25 Star Force expansion was not released due to the fear of power-creep and that it'll only benefit the end-game players. While it is true that end-game players will benefit more, doesn't mean average players can't. I'm pretty sure Additional Options is more balanced than the current Nebulite and Bonus Potential system (if Nexon America introduces it properly).


Just because the system may seem unbalanced doesn't mean it has to be. There can always be a way of re-adjusting it for the players. Unfortunately I feel that many of us have been knee-capping each other in terms of segregation of Reboot VS Non-Reboot, or Free-to-Play VS Pay-to-Win. I believe we can all co-exist without having to get rid of one or the other. But there does need to be balance.


Hacking and gambling are both not good ideas to farm more MS Mesos for yourself, why not choose some right and safe ways to get mesos, don't you guys know that ms2store is an professional online store for MapleStory products?

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