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Cannot Redeem for Rewards in MapleStory

Last week, two players wrote to Ms2store to tell that they can not Redeem for Rewards in MapleStory. Today we will have a discussion on this issues: 




  "I feel like there should be that big blue event book that previously existed on the left side of the menu where it showed all ongoing/soon to come events for the next month or so. It was a pretty good tab to show what was going on,reward it granted,when it ended."


Ms2store: It still exists, they just moved it to the bottom of the screen (the green button to the right of the Cash Shop button).

Not that it can be relied on. We've had events in the past where it showed there was a day still to go, and yet the quests ended or the NPC disappeared.


Cannot Redeem for Rewards in MapleStory


In this particular case, though, both the update notes and the event calendar showed the event ending on 4/4, so there was no reason to think the rewards could be claimed afterwards.




  ''Eh, while I feel the OP raced the clock, lost and should accept it with a bit more grace; there is a valid complaint in there. Chocky Day and the Artifact events both had catch-up mechanisms in place for those who missed out on a day or two early on or midway through. Thus, it isn't too unreasonable to request that later events that work in a similar fashion have a buffer of an extra day or so at the end to aid those who may miss out on the last event reward."


Ms2store: The Steamed Buns event did have a catch-up mechanism, but it's not entirely clear if it was intended, and it definitely wasn't described in the event notice or in-game, and was not automatic like the Artifact one.


You could do the ingredient collection quest 10 times a day per character.

You would not get Buxx for extra quests on other characters if you've reached the cap. But, as with the Artifact event, the cap rose each day. So if you missed out on a day, you could make it up by doing the 10 quests on each of two characters.


I don't think that knowing this would have helped OP, though. If one did the last day's quests too late, there was no making up for it. Same as the Artifact event.


I agree it would have been nicer if the "shop" quest (and the Artifact reward-collecting quest as well) could remain active at least until the maintenance today.


That's enough for now, you guys can get more MapleStory news on our site.

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